1. Goal 2

Improve Your Laptop or Desktop Security

Now that you've protected your email account, we move to the first layer around the core.


Why secure your computer?

If email is the core to your digital world, your laptop, or desktop is one of the gateways to that digital world. You use it to access many of your online services as well as local documents and files.

We've added some layers of security to your email account, and later we'll add layers to other services like banking and social accounts. But if your computer is accessed by a bad actor, these online accounts and anything on your computer or network could be easily accessed by that bad actor. That's why we protect it too, even if you don't keep many files on your computer.

What we'll be doing

We're going to get your operating system and other software up to date and updating automatically, get you set up with an anti-malware package, enable your built-in software firewall, and disable any sharing apps you're not using. Then we'll finish with something you're already familiar with: another strong and unique password.

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