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Security Coaching

Could you use some additional support working through the goals and steps on this site? Would you like help implementing these goals in your organization?

Think of me as a cybersecurity “coach.” I can support and guide you through the steps presented on this site, and even help you create a custom plan with adjustments for your particular setup and goals.

Security Review or Consultation

Maybe you have cybersecurity goals outside those presented on this site. Or maybe you have questions about how these things pertain to your business or environment.

I work with businesses and individuals to assess their networks and systems and provide feedback and guidance on how to improve them. We can work together to decide the scope and scale of such assessments. These can range from simple goal-oriented reviews to full-scale cybersecurity assessments.

Security Awareness Training

I find that training is just as important as using strong passwords and firewalls. I can help you or the people in your organization understand more about the current threat landscape and steps you can take to protect yourselves. I can help folks learn to spot phishing attempts and social engineering attacks, or simply how to choose and use strong passwords.

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